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Supertoast Episode 0: The First Pancake

This is a test episode for a podcast I’m currently developing with a friend. Note that it is missing a proper intro and background noise, and there are a few instances of mic bumps and the like because I was still getting used to the environment. Every space you work in is different, and sometimes it takes time, yo.

That being said, if you have a minute take a listen and tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Just drop it in the comments. That being said, here’s the show:

Supertoast Episode 0: The First Pancake

Show notes:
First track: Mr. 101 – Brain the Cerebral BalanceDelightful

Beyonce gave birth, don’t you know?

Bezow Doo Doo Zopitty Bop-bop-bop

Second track:

Tattooed girls are beautiful.

On her forehead – seriously!

Boone still hasn’t seen this:

Track the third:

(we really were dancing)

And we’re out. What did you think?


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