Who doesn’t like a good list? It’s a nice way to feed a series of bite-sized pieces of information to a reader. I like to read lists, so I occassionally write them figuring someone else does too.

Here are some of the lists I’ve written. When the list is offsite, the site to which the link points is listed in parenthesis. This List of Lists is probably incomplete, but there’s some pretty good stuff there. I hope you enjoy it. If you have a suggestion for a list, shoot me an email or a message on Facebook or leave a comment somewhere I’ll see it.

As I write new lists, I’ll try and get them on the List of Lists. They might not all make it. We’ll see.

The 7 Hottest Celebrity Nerds(MadeMan)


Year of the Rabbit: 5 Chinese Films You May Have Missed

Rock Bars In Beijing(USAToday)

Top Selling DVDs of 2009 (MovieFone)

6 Whiskey Shots Everyone Should Know How to Make(MadeMan)

5 Movie Secretaries Who Did More Than Answer Phones(ScreenJunkies)

6 Films Set In Ohio(Buzzbin Magazine)

5 Renaissance Movies That Celebrate The Era(ScreenJunkies)

5 TV Kings and The Actors Who Played Them(ScreenJunkies)

6 Male Characters From Ohio(Buzzbin Magazine)

8 Movie Dragons Who Owned The Skies(ScreenJunkies)

6 Great Christmas Movies(Buzzbin Magazine)

5 Bachelor Party Movies That Turned Bad(ScreenJunkies)


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