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More Boredom

I got bored, so I drew another comic.
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If You’re Bored…

Draw a comic strip.

I need another beer.












Hell, draw two.

Name's Ball Of Thunder.












Hell, if you’re really bored, draw a slew.

For me, the slew will have to wait just a bit.

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Avengers Assemble

Jeremy Renner’s performance in “The Town” this year has cemented him as one of my new favorite actors. This means that I’ve went from being completely ambivalent to his casting as Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers movie, to being pleased as punch that he’ll be making a cameo in this summer’s “Thor” as well.

Have you seen the “Thor” trailer yet?

I remember going down to King Charles and buying old Thor comics for a dime each, 12 for a buck. Now we get to see those stories on big-ass screens.

Now, Cobie Smuthers is set to sign on as Mariah Hill, who is second in command of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Nick Fury – i.e. Samuel L. Jackson. There was some discussion of her possibly being The Wasp, but anyone that knows comics would have a hard time calling The Wasp one of Nick Fury’s sidekicks.

But Nick Fury is laying it down, and Marvel is prepared to unleash a whole world full of super heroes on us. In his own words:

Now, fans will also be aware that there is a Captain America film coming out that stars the guy that played Johnny Storm  (The Human Torch) in the Fantastic Four films.  Anyone that is still on the fence concerning this flick should take a short watch of this (be on the look out for Tommy Lee Jones):

Also, Mark Ruffalo will replace Edward Norton as Bruce Banner. Don Cheadle will not be appearing in “The Avengers” as War Machine, but he will be in “Iron Man 3” and they’re already developing a War Machine project. They’re also developing a Black Panther project. Rumors of a desire for a Dazzler script keep popping up, too. Courtney Love for Dazzler posters will be appearing on the horizon.

In other comic news, I’m totally looking forward to “Green Lantern.”

I’m also interested in how “X-Men: First Class” and the Spiderman: Reboot will fare.

What comic movies have you excited?


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