The Cast of Celebrity Apprentice: Part Two

No need for a long introduction. This is the second have of the cast list for season 12 of The Apprentice. You can read about the first half here.

International Actress and Philanthropist Patricia Velasquez
Another person I’m not familiar with. She’s a woman with philanthropist as part of her title, so I’m sure she’ll be on point during her tasks. She’s also beautiful, which doesn’t hurt having to watch her on television. When I’m done writing this, I’ll be checking out her IMDB page to see what gems are buried there and how stupid I’ll look for not recognizing her.

Best-Selling Author and Daughter of the Mob Victoria Gotti
Snooki is also a best-selling author. I tried to watch Growing Up Gotti, but couldn’t handle it. She has the type of personality that I don’t enjoy, even as an antagonist, so I’m rooting for her to be one of the first out. She could surprise me and end up being a black sheep favorite, but I seriously doubt it.

Indy Car Legend Michael Andretti
Indy racing is something I know very little about, even though I’ve been to live events and known a couple of drivers. It really does absolutely nothing for me. I’ve heard of this guy, though, and even though he’s taking up the “token athlete” position in the cast I think he might pull something off based on his general reputation. If nothing else, we’ll get to see what one of the people that makes a living out of turning left is like.

The Original Supermodel Cheryl Tiegs
Can those of us that do our homework agree that if Lisa Fonssagrives wasn’t the first supermodel, she was one of the women that came before Cheryl Tiegs and enjoyed that moniker. I honestly forgot this woman existed except in decades-old Sports Illustrated issues. Her name is attached to some stuff related to beauty and whatnot, but I don’t know if that is just because it helps the brand. I don’t expect her to make it long.

American Idol Superstar Clay Aiken
I really don’t know what to make of his inclusion here. They didn’t even mention him as a musician, just as an American Idol contestant. I’ve heard his first CD and then he dropped off my radar. From what I know of him, he seems like a good dude. Right now, I’m tepid about him. It’ll be interesting to see how my opinion of him forms throughout the season.

Pop Star Aubrey O’Day
Now I know I should feel stupid. I have absolutely no idea who she is, which means she probably sings some song that is stupid famous and I should have heard of. She is pretty with really bright hair – that’s about all I got.

The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno
He was also the World’s Strongest Man! This man is one of my favorites in the field. He’s thoughtful and driven, which is a wonderful mix, but he’s also well-spoken – a fact that is missed by many because of his speech impediment. In these high-stress situations that could make for some entertaining drama.

New Jersey’s Favorite Housewife Teresa Giudice
I’m assuming she’s on The Real Housewives of New Jersey but I don’t know what to expect. Although she was abrasive and annoying, Nene Leakes was one of my favorite celebs last time. This woman may provoke a similar reaction, but I wouldn’t put money on it just yet.

Television Icon, Star Trek’s George Takei
The whole reason I turned in in the first place. I was planning on skipping it when I realized he was going to be on it. I follow the man on Facebook, have participated in discussions on his blog and admire the man for what he’s done and what he stands for. He’s my current favorite in the field. Also, this:

Who do you want to see win it? Stay tuned for a recap of each of the episodes, along with some interesting insights from yours truly!


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