Better Than Expected

Melena Ryzik, aka The Carpetbagger, just posted  her predictions for the Oscars. Why do I care? Because her predictions for all of the primary categories are exactly the same as mine. Give me some time and you’ll see my column in the Hollywood Reporter or the NYTimes.


Two glaring differences between our predictions: Best Documentary and Best Foreign Language Film. I’ll be honest, her predictions are much more qualified than mine. My Best Documentary prediction goes to “Exit Through The Gift Shop” and my Best Foreign Language Film prediction goes to “Biutiful.” I loved Exit and I was impartial to Biutiful. My predictions were based on Buzz. I haven’t seen “The Inside Job” or “In A Better World.” Yet.

Anyway, The Carpetbagger runs a great column on the NYTimes if you’re interested in that sort of thing. Add it to your RSS feed aggregator of choice. And add mine, because it seems I actually might know what I’m talking about.


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