Smurf for the Win

Although the Best Supporting Actress this year is noticeably lacking in a nomination for Keira Knightley’s role in “Never Let Me Go,” I have to admit the five choices the Academy made are solid ones.

Helena Bonham Carter, most famous for her roles in movies like “Fight Club” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” but ever since her turn in “Howard’s End” I’ve been more enamored by her when she does serious drama. She played a remarkable Queen Elizabeth in “The King’s Speech,” but Helen Mirren will  always be synonymous with Her Majesty in my heart and that leaves HBC empty-handed on award night.

The Coen Brothers really picked a winner when they settled on Hailee Steinfield for Mattie in their “True Grit” remake. I think the difficulty I have with this choice is that Mattie felt more like a lead role than a supporting role. I’m not really sure of the criteria in this one, but when she narrates the movie and has the most screen time it seems clear to me. One of the most admirable acting jobs seen from a 14-year old in a long time, it still isn’t polished enough for me to say it deserves the statue.

“The Fighter” gets two acting nods in the double nomination of Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. Both shone in their roles. Amy Adams originally chose the role so she wouldn’t get typecast, and her portrayal of the tough bartender proved that there is more to her than the bubbling bouncy love interest she usually chooses. Unfortunately for her, she was outshone by Melissa Leo, who will almost assuredly take home the gold for her overbearing and manipulative matriarch.

I’m personally convinced that Jackie Weaver’s “Smurf” was the better overbearing and manipulative matriarch, as well as one of the most sadistic and cold-hearted bitches in recent cinematic history. “Animal Kingdom” is one of the grittiest crime-dramas seen in a long time and the lack of sheen and glamor that comes along with most in the genre make it’s punch that much stronger. As good as the others were, Jackie Weaver is tops this year.

Who do you think will take home the gold?

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