The Mixblog: Then Proceed to Three

I do believe this means that They Might Be Giants (TMBG) has the (dis)honor of being the first band to be featured on more than one Mixblog. If they were me they would be proud of that.

Quick aside: if you’re confused as to what the whole Mixblog thing is about, read this really quickly.

TMBG will probably be featured again, simply because they’re good. They have a huge discography with music that ranges through all of the requisite emotions and feelings and whatever. They’re not my favorite, but they’re a staple of my musical collection that won’t go away.

And besides, I’m not a real doctor.

But I am a real worm.

And I like to play the drums. That’s why chopsticks are the greatest eating utensil ever made. Besides being hell of convenient (if you’re unable to use chopsticks, it’s because you haven’t bothered really learning… anyone that doesn’t have a disability preventing it can learn to use them) they double as a musical instrument!

I really do have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve.

When this song came out, it was one of those songs that made everyone argue about the lyrics. Like “because I’m all about value.” I don’t know how many people sang “because I’m all about Valium.”

The Barenaked Ladies are Canada’s apology for Celine Dion.

Canada is absolved of all crimes. Her ongoing reign of terror is completely Las Vegas’ fault. We understand that and we forgive you for birthing the terror.

I hadn’t picked up anything by these ladies (they’re not actually ladies, by the way) in a while, so I was really surprised when one of my favorite television shows was introduced with a song by them.

And it’s a good song.

Yes, two songs in a row with white guys rap-singing!

I win.

Or not.

There’s another version of this video on YouTube, but I chose this one because the other one is censored. Censorship is silly when you have any idea at all of what the internet is and how it is used.

I obtained the first copy of the One Fierce Beer Coaster album from a friend named Nate. I was over at his house trying on cowboy boots because we were going to go to a country bar (I’m serious… quit laughing) and he through it in. I liked it. He gave it to me, because he had another copy.

Now, to be disappointingly honest, I don’t really like The Bloodhound Gang. I do like this song, and there are a couple of others that aren’t too bad, but overall I find them annoying and obnoxious.

Which makes it strange that I’ve owned two of their cds. The second one was given to me because I sat down in a truck.

Seriously. Maybe I’ll explain sometime. But not this time.

Is there a reason I always feel compelled to follow Fire Water Burn with Pepper?

Probably, but I don’t know what it is. If anyone has any insight, feel free to comment.

I don’t know when I discovered The Butthole Surfers, but I do know that it was during the period where I was amused by their name. I didn’t care how they got their name, I just liked to laugh after I said it. Which means I was about 12, most likely.

This is one of those songs that remind me of “the post high school years”, but not exactly “the army years,” which is kind of strange. It also reminds me of Gink, which is kind of stranger because there’s absolutely no reason it should.

This is yet another example of my compulsions coming through. I nearly always follow Pepper with Loser. Maybe I heard that particular progression on some Now: Music cd or something.

The problem that arises from that compulsion is that I nearly always follow Loser with Laid, that song by James that I already put on a Mixblog. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to reuse songs, if the need arises, but this is only the third Mixblog and I think redundancy at this point should be labeled as “completely unnecessary.”

Instead, I’ll grab another song.

One that has a story I can tell.

What better to follow a song called Loser, than a song called Creep.

It was the summer between my Junior and Senior year. Of high school. I never made it to the Junior year of college. I didn’t have time for that shit.

Some of my friends decided to go to Marietta for the Sternwheel Festival. We all piled into the beast that was the 1980 Dodge Aspen, but this was a couple of years before I bought the Aspen for $100. So it was still Shawn’s Aspen.

We had a good weekend. We were 16 and 17, and there was no parental supervision. And we were really far from home.

Of course we had fun.

On the way home we listened to this song over and over and over and over. Like, we kept rewinding the tape to keep listening to it.

While we were tooling up 77, we came alongside a car. In the back of said car was a girl. She was hot, blond and had a nose ring. It was the nose ring that sold me.

Over the next fifteen or twenty miles I convinced her to give me her phone number, had Shawn pull as close to her car as possible (which her mom, who was driving, didn’t like a bit), had Nate and Dwayne (if I remember correctly) hold my legs, climbed out of the car and partially into hers, took the note, gave her a kiss and left.

It was thrilling.

I wonder whatever happened to her.

I was actually going to go in a completely different direction, but then I changed my mind and decided to stick with the theme I began on the first half.

This is truly a great song, and I discovered it on a sampler cd that was given to me. I think I picked it up at Quonset Hut, although I may have gotten it from Better Days or Magnolia Thunderpussy.

I bought the album, but it was lost within a few months. That tended to happen to my music a lot before I got a hard drive.

Actually, it still happens a lot.

Anyway, when I was living in Shanxi, Taiyuan, I ran into this guy named Jed that liked Hum a lot. He liked James a lot, too. He re-turned me on to both of them.

And that was a good thing.

When I was in the Army, I hung out a lot with a guy named Sean. He was driving us to go get beer or food or some shit. I was singing this song, and to get me to shut up he decided to turn the radio on.

This song came on exactly on the beat I was singing.

He almost wrecked. We pulled over and played the “is the universe fucking with us” game.

I think it was.

If I could listen to Mazzy Star sing to me, personally, I would fall at her feet and die peacefully.

I’m considering doing another Mixblog quite soon, and I was seriously contemplating getting this song out there on that one, but thinking about it made me put here, instead.

I think going from PJ Harvey to Mazzy Star is a nice, natural progression. This song makes me think I should be sitting on a sepia-toned porch, holding a cigarette and a glass of lemonade, with my legs up on the table and a beautiful woman’s legs on top of mine.

Maybe someday.

Now is where someone says “Hey, this is that song from Natural Born Killers.”

Well, someone would say that if I had more than two readers.

Anyway, while that person would be right, they would be musically unastute. This is The Cowboy Junkies, covering Lou Reed’s song Sweet Jane. It was originally recorded by The Velvet Underground. It was good the first time, but this version gives me shivers.

Not many covers do the original justice, but still change it so much. This, along with Johnny Cash doing Hurt and Sinead O’Connor doing Nothing Compares 2 U are examples of how to cover a song properly.

As is the next song.

It gives me shivers, too.

I would make love to the very idea of Natalie Merchant. I believe this makes her the second artist to appear twice, although I may not be keeping track as well as I thought.

The first time she popped up was with 10,000 Maniacs. Now she’s on her own. Either way, she’s a Diva.

I feel like hippie-dancing right now, so I’ll let you listen while I twirl or whatever.

And we’ll just wrap it up here, because this is a perfect song to go out on.


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