I See TV

Being a human that lives in the 21st century, I watch programming that was developed to broadcast on television. I don’t often watch it on a television any more, but I don’t want to be that guy that says “I don’t watch tv”, because I do watch tv… just not on tv. Most of the movies I see are from from being in a theater. Or cinema.

Whatever. I keep up with shows. I’ve watched some shows from end to end. I own a couple of complete collections. I’ll let you borrow my Robotech collection if you promise me you’ll watch the whole thing.

Every year, I hear some jackass in the media complaining about how television and movies and music and print and  whatever else is devolving into trash and drivel. Every week I hear someone hipper than me bitch about it.

The examples they give are solid examples of shit, too. But just because there is shit on television doesn’t mean television is devolving. There has always been shit on television, and there will always be shit on television and you and me and the FCC can’t and shouldn’t do shit about it.

Shit is a subjective term.

I think there are some great shows on television, and while some of them may have a bad episode pop up they keep me entertained while I’m watching them. Since that is their job, I call them successes.

Some of them I even learn from. Some give me ideas. And some are just plain fun.

Modern Family

I own Married: With Children. I own all of it. So when I heard Al Bundy was getting a new show, I was at once skeptical and excited. Now, Ed O’Neill has entered the halls of television stardom as the grouchy dad on two spectacular 22 minute family comedies.

I enjoy the fake documentary feel of the show, especially because top notch writers are able to use that to our advantage. The cast is talented and works together seamlessly. And Modern Family has one of the coolest clown moments on prime time:

The Big Bang Theory

I enjoy this show because it is a well-written, two-camera situational comedy that uses snappy humor and quirky characters to tell the story of two brilliant physicists and their zany friends. And because I get the jokes.


Flash Forward

This one is from that guy who got Lost or something. I only really started watching it because of the funny guy from the movie that referenced Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. And I think there’s another guy from a Shakespeare movie in it.

When crows started falling out of the skies, I started paying attention. I have a story that has a story in it about crows. It was when I first discovered Mordor–the one in Beijing–and the kung-fu secret place. Since there is a hobbit in Flash Forward, that makes for a ball of synchronicity that compels me to keep watching.


Caprica is being touted as the Dallas of science fiction. I disagree. Dallas didn’t have Cylons.

Being the nerd that I am, I wish I had time for more science fiction immersion. Unfortunately, I’m too busy. I still make time every week for a little, and I get that little in Caprica because it’s a well written show and it has Eric Stoltz in it. It also helps that it is a young show, so digging into the back story is easy. And since it is a prequel, I don’t have to finish watching Battlestar to know what’s going on.

Cougar Town

David Arquette’s wife can carry her own show. The episodes with Sheryl Crow were super fun. And the relationships between the main character, her ex-husband and (especially) her son is quirky but not (usually) to the point of goofiness. I laugh enough watching the show that I don’t feel like my twenty-two minutes were spent in vain when it is over.

How To Make It In America

If HBO keeps making shows that I feel compelled to watch, I may have to give it a hug. How does one go about hugging a network?

The story is cool, and mostly realistic. Sure, there’s some dramatic license taken, but who gives a rat’s ass.

You know, I’m not going to get into it. If there is one show on this list that you should check out, it is this one. If the theme song doesn’t sell you on it, get your head checked.

This isn’t everything in the realm of “stuff I’m keeping up with”, but it is enough for today. Maybe I’ll write another list at another time.

Start holding your breath.

/me winks


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