Do science to it!

I’ve discussed web comics before. The amount of skill being shown in these things is one of the things that give me hope for humanity. Listening to Kimya Dawson depress the hell out of me while putting me in a jovial mood because her music makes me happy is another one.

Quick aside: When Ani was sans poster she was thirty-two flavors (and then some). Now that she has plenty of posters, has the number of flavors risen or sank? If someone could contact her and get me an answer I would heart you.

What brings us back to web comics today is this page. It is strikingly precious. It has been given a shout out. It scienced into a shirt, but I don’t think you can buy one any more. I checked Topataco and I didn’t see it there. Two pages later another quotable quote is said.

I’ve begun using hover text. I hope that makes things more interesting. Hover text is like footnotes without having to look elsewhere, and that means it should be a good thing.

Do you read Count Your Sheep? It is the most adorable thing going. Start from the beginning. You won’t regret it, unless you despise adorable things. If that’s the case, I will Care Bear stare you.


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