The Mixblog: Volume Won – How to Listen

There was a time when I was a mixtape nerd. That time is over. It’s impossible to make a mixtape without a tape deck. After I graduated being a soldier I moved on to the mixed cd. I still remember every track that was on that cd. In fact, I still have that cd. In a box. That time is over. It’s impossible to make a mixed cd with a broken cd burner. Besides, when I graduated from being continental I moved on to the playlist. That time can never be over, but I’ll get back to that. Now that I’ve graduated from being two-dimensional (my writing goes deep, yo) I’m moving on to the mixblog.

The mixtape was amazing. It was Now: This is Music Volume MINE. I would have never listened to all of those awful punk bands and shitty four-track mixes if it wasn’t for the mixtape. I wouldn’t be bothered after all these years by a fact that I can’t find another copy of the Silly tape that Little Dave let me listen to in the old Dodge Aspen.

But like that last paragraph, it was more the memory and the nostalgia of the mixtape that was amazing than it was the mixtape itself. While sharing music that way was awesome, it was the technological equivalent of smoke signals being used to communicate the end of the world. It just wasn’t good enough.

The mixed cd brought a brand new technology into the equation. The internet. Anything could be found on Napster.


Ok, there’s that nostalgia kicking in again. But I digress. With the mixed cd we were able to put together those mixed collections we all loved, even if we didn’t love each others. And it was easier to add in soundbites. Having a hip Homer Simpson or Mike Meyers quote before and after every song was awesome. !.

But now my computer has become my home entertainment center. I don’t need to burn music onto a cd and then stick it into the cd turntable. I plug my surround sound into a sound card, the sound card goes into my computer, and I play anything I want on demand. I can let people hear the song I want them to hear the second I want them to hear it. They can return the favor because of great websites like tinysong. And we can annoy the shit out of each other. On demand!

I want to annoy you at leisure, however. Thus the mixblog is born.

A mixblog will be a combination of youtube music videos (that’s the music part of the mixtape for those of you that are still following) and short (or long-winded) commentaries by yours truly. The suggested method of ingesting a mixblog is as follows:

1. Load and listen to the first video.

2. Read the commentary.

3. If you’re finished with the commentary and the music is still playing, go check your email, play on facebook and eat a bagel. Come back when it’s over. The song, not the bagel.

4. Load song two and repeat.

5. Rinse as necessary.

We’ll see how it goes. To be continued, and all that jazz.


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