The Muppets Are Apple Pie

Talking about Charlie Brown’s influence on American culture made me think. Other things are deeply entrenched in American culture as well and, while they may not have influence you directly, they have influence all of us indirectly.

One of those things is the collection of puppets crossed with mops (according to Homer Simpson) lovingly called “The Muppets.”

As I look at The Muppets from a cultural standpoint, I want to keep some things out of the equation that would normally be included. I don’t want to include anything that can stand separate and on its own, like Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Jim Henson or Frank Oz. They are related to The Muppets because they are puppets, and they live in the same world as The Muppets (Kermit was a reporter on Sesame Street, after all) but they are separate entities of their own. And bringing up Labyrinth or Dark Crystal would just be silly. I want to keep it to the show, the movies and the cartoons. And maybe a little more.

Rowlf the Dog taught me about women:

And Kermit the Frog, with the help of Debbie Harry (she was in Blondie, if’n ya didn’t know), taught everyone about hope. Even if you didn’t see this, I’m sure you’ll be able to sing along:

Before there were rap battles like eminem had in 8 Mile, Animal had some of the most bad-ass drum battles ever seen on TV:

Because Animal rocked:

When Gonzo (the Great!) went animated, he helped learn me up right by ‘splainin’ zaktly why I’s weird:

And Paul Williams went on the show to specifically give me a song to dedicate to a crazy little mosquito:

And my favorite recording artist of all times was graced with a slot on the show:

And before you thought you were cool, remember:

And the last laugh, for those that taught me that the last laugh was the most important (same goes with the last punch and the last word):

Now go spend another half an hour (or sixty hours…it’s your choice) looking up all of the clips I didn’t put on here.



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