Kraus’ Pizza

I’m a pizza snob, and it gets annoying.  I can live on pizza, and have done so a couple of times in my life.  Whenever I get a pizza from a new place I obsessively grade it in my mind.  The best pizza I’ve found in Beijing received an eight.

My favorite pizza has always been from Kraus’ Pizza, a chain of small shops in my hometown and a few surrounding cities, most notably Akron and Canton.  In my memory, the absolute best pizza I’ve ever had was from Pizzopolis (I think) in Detroit, but I’ve only ever eaten there once and it was a long time ago (13 years) so I don’t trust the memory.

So when I returned to Massillon after being away for nearly five years I was slightly apprehensive about ordering a pizza from Kraus’.  Standards slip sometimes, and time makes reality look grander.  But it couldn’t be helped, a pizza must be ordered.

I was in no way disappointed.  Kraus’ came through for me once again.  I had to eat it with a fork, and I haven’t used a fork with pizza in a long, long time.  I’m a purist in that I think a pizza must be eaten with the hands.  But when I put that slab of love on my plate, so many of the toppings fell off I needed to eat what was left separately.

The interesting part is, the toppings fell off in a perfect symmetry, mirroring what was still left on the pizza and leaving the slice still in balance.  So biting into it gave you the combination of toppings you asked for in nearly every bite.

The crust is every bit as good as I remember, and it’s not so thick you’re forced to eat it alone.  At the end of the pizza there’s enough of a layer to hold onto, and it folds into a nice thin sandwich just before final death.

Kraus’ Pizza is still on top.  They should open a franchise in Beijing.  And L.A.

For lunch, there were some cold Jojo’s from Kraus’ left in the refrigerator, so they got ingested as well.  Jojo’s are what the rest of the world calls, I think, broasted potatoes.  I’m probably wrong.  They’re the potatoes you get when you order a bucket of chicken from a pizza place.  Because nothing goes better with pizza than a bucket of chicken and jojos.

From Kraus’.


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