You Have My Attention

{REPOST : 2009}

I have trouble following politics, sometimes. It bores me. A lot. When John Stewart or David Letterman or Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly talk about it, it makes it easier. But they’re comedians. Watching politics on the news is just god awful.

I think it’s because for the last eight years there hasn’t been any real reason to turn on what’s touted as the news and get information on the world of politics that isn’t misinformed, watered-down tripe. Bush was good for gags, but boring on the up front stuff. He didn’t really work all that hard, so there wasn’t a lot to follow. What you could follow was usually so thickly mixed with bias it was hard to distinguish fact from fiction.

Whatever happened to the good ole’ days – Watergate (before my time) and Whitewatergate and Troopergate and the grandpappy Iran Contra fun. I used to have a t-shirt that said “Ollie for President”. Whatever happened to that guy?

Anyway, I saw this on the news today. It’s a clip about how Obama owned up to a mistake he made. It sounds pretty newsworthy. Because we need leaders that admit their mistakes. I’ve read in the news that George never took the blame for anything. I’ve also read in the news that he has. I don’t care either way. What I do care about is accountability.

True responsibility lies in accountability. That is where I think our leadership is negligent. Saying you were wrong is one thing, paying penance is another. I respect Obama for saying that he made a mistake. I don’t think it was a huge mistake and I think we’ll be able to find someone to replace Mr. Daschle in the nomination process. This isn’t a mistake that Obama can really be held accountable for, and his only responsibility now is to find someone to fill an empty pair of shoes. It’s a simple case of “oops, this’ll take a little longer than expected” and nothing more.

So far, our new Commander-In-Chief seems to have a decent scorecard. This early in the game, that could be a good sign. Let’s see how many days he works in August, first. I do notice that the one broken promise he has is related to his relationship with the public. Has he admitted to that mistake or been asked to be held accountable? I haven’t seen anything about it, but I could be wrong.

Because politics is boring. Or it was. Boring. Unless it was funny.

I just blogged about politics. Maybe change is in the wind.


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