Who Did The Dishes

{REPOST : 2007}

I haven’t been here in a while.  Place doesn’t look much different.  I see someone did the dishes?  Was it you?  Or them?  I don’t really care who, I’m just glad to see their getting done.  By someone.

A lot has changed.  Too much to say right now, as I’ve only a few minutes to devote.  I blew a lot of shit up on New Years.  Lunar New Years.  Yeah, you know what I mean.  A lot of shit.  Blew it up.  Bang.  I thought I was in the middle of a war zone.  My better half showed me up and got in the middle of it pretty thickly.  I was impressed.  Corey came down from Beijing.  He was kind enough to bring homemade cookies.  They tasted good.  I’m eating one as I’m writing this.

Yvonne went home.  Or is going home.  Should be on the way home, but couldn’t get her dog on the plane.  Yvonne was fun, but a bit overwhelming at times.  We’ll miss her a lot.  Okay, not a lot.  But we’ll miss her some.

My chinese is improving exponentially with the help I’m getting.  I’m happy about it.  Steve’s leaving in a few days.  That sucks. Zairo already left.  Poop.

Elizabeth and Bill and maybe, but not definately maybe, Sam will be jumping into the D&D geekfest that is the occasional night of fun.  That will spice things up.  Hopefully.  They’re pretty spicey now that Les has started playing.

Now that I’m working for Mercan rather than for the University I feel as if I’m accomplishing a lot more.  The students are more interested and enthusiastic.  I do some of the extracurriculars as well.  I was a judge at a competition last week.  My student won the bonus game.

Lolly kicks ass.  Maybe more than you.

I pay for my own home now.  I am officially a renter, rather than just a boarder.  That feels wierd.  I have responsibilities now.  I pay my own utilities.  In China.

I miss people and times and places and things.  I miss them greatly and dearly and with all my love and heart.  But I don’t pine or regret and only seldom have time to reminisce about something.  Writing this has been one of those times.  If you read it, I hope the words gave you that same pensive pause it gave me.  And when you’re done I hope you sigh with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for what was and what is and continue on your journey knowing that I’m somewhere doing something and one day we’ll be able to talk about it at a table drinking some form of beverage and, most probably, smoking some form of plant.  Hopefully it will be at one of our homes, where it will feel more intimate and special.  Games will be played, stories will be told, and, perhaps, new friends will be made as each introduces the other into thier new life for however long we have together.

I’ll be back.  I’ll be here.  For a while.  Wherever I go, I’ll probably always come back here now, too.  If only for a short time.  There’s important things here.

If you get the chance, call my mom and say hello.  Just to give her someone and something else to thing about.  She likes that.  It’ll only take a minute.  You know who you are.




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