The Universe Revolves Around Artichokes

{Repost : 2005}

Well, since I’m back from Beijing and I’ve got twelve hours before I hop on another bus I figured I should drop a quick update.

Beijing rocked enough that I stayed an extra twelve hours or so. I had intended on grabbing the late bus back on Monday night, but I left about 2pm today.

Here’s how the trip went.

Saturday – checked into the hostel attached to Poacher’s about 8:30, just in time for a free breakfast.  After breakfast a nap was the order of the day, then Subway (god bless sub sandwiches), subways and busses until the Temple of Heaven was found.  Didn’t get there until late, so most of the buildings were closed, but que sera sera.

Got back and went to the little spot in the hostel (not poacher’s, the other restaurant).  Great fucking lasagna, I just wish they wouldn’t have put celery in it.  That shit is worthless, but the pasta was good enough to make up for it.  They mixed me some decent Harvey Wallbangers as well.  Another nap, then on to Poacher’s.

Poacher’s closed fairly early, so across the street to Kai and a few more drinks (Corona w/ lemon…wtf?…where are all the damn limes in this country?) then on to bed.

Sunday – Woke up to late for breakfast, but not too late for another sub!  Got in contact with Mike only to find out they wouldn’t be in until much later, so it was on to the Summer Palace.  Fandamntastic; I want to live there.

Rushed back at six to catch up with the rest of the crew and then had some lovely Mexican food.  Hit up the bar across the street from the Worker’s Stadium – 10yuan shooters, 12 for a hundred.  Wh00t!  Drank a couple of a few of them then headed to the bus bar.  Eugene mixed a great shooter for us there.

Back to Poacher’s for a few more before retirement, but ended up at Kai again until Mike and I almost passed out and just went the fuck home.

Monday – Wh00t! Third sub, then headed over to the lake where we tried bar hopping but decided we didn’t want to pay 30yuan per small bud so we drank a few Tingtaos and then headed back towards homebase for a short bit.  Had a calzone and some goulash.  Nummies.

Ended up relaxing at the Bookworm most of the night.  Did get to see the bums running from the cops.  Amusing, but utterly futile.

Tuesday – Fourth sub! I fucking rule, whether you realize it or not. Then the bus ride home. I’ll go into more detail later, maybe, possibly, probably. I just wanted to get some sort of record that isn’t my incoherant notes from the trip.  I can’t really spell, think, or anything right now so I’ll keep it at this.


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