Some Crap and Some Comics

{Repost : 2005}

First thing’s first, the good news. I have made homemade spagetti sauce – and it was good!

Now, you may be thinking that isn’t a really superb thing in and of itself, but you aren’t in Taiyuan with a severe lack of other-than-the-standard-Chinese resources.  I do have to say that it was good for a sauce that I made in just under three hours without tomato paste – sorry, I was über hungry and couldn’t wait because it smelled so good. Therefore it turned out to be more of an Italian tasting salsa but I’m hoping to repeat the experiment in the near future and let it simmer all day until it’s a real spagetti sauce.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Regardless, the spagetti was some good.

When I was a young lad I had a passion for all things geek – the computer, video games, roleplaying games, movies, music, books, comics…Comics!

When I sold my collection – I sold it for a hundred dollars to a friend of mine because I had absolutely no way to transport it from place to place…I don’t really regret it, the way his eyes lit up when I delivered them was worth more than the hundred bucks – I had about four and a half thousand book from every genre you can think of. All of the mainstream Marvel, DC, Valient, Dark Horse and Image books (not sure what’s big on the book market now, but those were the big five circa 1995) along with a ton of indie shit – Cerebus, TMNT (if you’re laughing you probably never read the original black and white book), Flaming Carrot etc.

I really can’t afford to get back into books. Not only are they too expensive, space management is a serious issue with someone that moves as much as me. Fortunately I’ve recently discovered the world of webcomics…I don’t know what took me so long to start digging through them. They always seemed to be a lesser art form to me – not consiously, but in the back of my skull, at the bottom, just north of the brain stem something was telling me it would be an exercise in futility. Well, that something was wrong.

I also thought that everything I read on the internet would be directed at computer and gaming geeks…fucking wrong there too.  As penence, I’m bringing the list of the sites I read daily (or regularly if they don’t update daily).  If you ever dug the books or strips, check these out…I’ll drop short descriptions so you can get an idea of what to avoid.

Ctrl-Alt-Del: Oddly, the first comic alphabetically is also the first comic I started reading. This is a gamers comic, focusing on two gaming geek roomates and a few other characters and their exploits in the gaming world. There are occasional breaks in the storyline to poke a jab at the industry, but it works.

Magical Adventures in Space: This comic is a silly little deal detailing the adventures of a super-powered potato. It’s fun, but you’ll probably get more out of it if you read Wigu first. In fact…

Wigu is a must read! The story is over, there will be no more (which is sad, in my opinion, but I understand the need to go on to other projects) but it is one of the finest online comics ever written. It’s the story of a family… a crazy family…a crazy family that consists of a boy genius (Wigu), his nihilistic sister, his alcoholic mother and his body-building father (who works as a musician for porn soundtracks). If you read nothing else on my list you should at least look at this one if you’ve got any desire for a good read.

MegaTokyo: What happens when a gaming geek “1337 master” and an anime artist get stuck in Tokyo indefinately? You have to read it to find out. Drawn in an anime style and released as an actual page to a book (that you can buy in comic stores) this is the most “professional” comic I currently read. Good, but I wish it would get released faster.

Penny Arcade: You may have heard of this one – it’s probably the most famous online strip out there, especially if you’re a gamer. Gabe and Tycho don’t pull any punches in the gaming industry and their strip is usually on target. I read this one as much for the editorial on the front page as for the strip itself. “Thieves do it from behind.”

PvP: A great strip about a fictional gaming magazine and the goofs that run it, including a giant blue troll named Skull. Some of the funniest material I’ve read on the net is included in here…especially this one.

Questionable Content: My favorite comic at this point, Questionable Content is about a group of indie kids and their life. Simple enough, but the story telling is top rate and hits close to home. Enough said. Read it, love it, bookmark it.

Scary Go Round: Now this is a bizarre comic – not H. R. Gieger or Salvadore Dali bizarre, but strange. The only storyline I haven’t really dug was the goblin story (number 19 I think) but the rest was top notch.

Something Positive: I’m still working on the archives to this one, but I’m already hooked. As a rule, if I can’t get through a strips archives I don’t read the dailies. This is about a group of misanthropes that live in Boston and tear shit up. All they seem to care about is sex, beer and violence – but not quite in the way you might expect. Great story.

Time for bed.

Hope you get your read on.


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