I Like Games

{REPOST : 2008}

I like Heroes. I’m watching the second season now. Again. I watched the first half before the writer’s strike, but when it was on hiatus I forgot about it … somewhat. Or else I was just too lazy to search potato.com for it. Either way, I saw it in the DVD store over on Shuiximen yesterday and picked it up. It’s the whole season, though, so I figured I might as well start back at the beginning of the story and catch it all. I’m a former comic book geek, so I’m biased.

Spore was a two and a half day time waster. I’m not sure what I expected, but I certainly expected more. I will say that it is definitely worth the fifty bucks, if you like it. It’ll provide more hours than any other game produced…it certainly has the largest sandbox ever. Maybe I’ll review it more in-depth later.

I guess I should make a small note about the links you see everywhere.

You see, I plan on this being nothing more than a stream of consciousness thing. The blog. And my life. But mostly the blog, because that’s what we’re talking about. Because this particular stream of consciousness happens to be inter-webs ready, I figure I’ll occasionally let you take a tangential stream, just to let you off the hook when you get bored.

More often than not, they’ll be useful. Sometimes they’ll be random. All the times, you don’t have to click ’em if you don’t want.


Games. I like games. I’ll probably talk about them a lot, if I’m allowed. This is my blog space. So I’m allowed. I’ll probably talk about them a lot.

I’ve played more games than most people on the planet. Some of them were fun. Mostly though, I stick to my favorites. And my all time favorite is good ole D&D. Although I liked the second edition rules better. Just as I’m getting used to 3.5, they bring out 4.0. I haven’t even opened the new books. I don’t care enough.

I did have a stupid amount of fun in my late teens, early (very early) twenties when I was a bloodsucker. You’ll probably hear some stories. Or read some. One of those. If you read out loud, both of those.

Currently, I’m still addicted to Civilization. Definitely my most played computer game. I’ve logged more hours on that game series than any other. Mostly three, but I’m putting ’em in on four. We have a weekly game every Sunday night. Sunday night our time. If you’re interested, feel free to get a hold of me and see about jumping in. We play BtS patched. If you don’t know what I mean, ours probably isn’t the game to join.

Of course, there’s always Nethack. The best computer game ever made. Civ might be my personal favorite, but I think Nethack is the best designed. It is the ultimate dungeon delve. People complain about the graphics. I complain about people.

MMORPGs are something of a time sucker for most people. I don’t play those. WoW and Evercrack and Ultima and Maple Story and those others never really pulled me in. I hung out in Neopia for a bit, but ended up retiring my account and giving everything I had to my ex girlfriend. She’s cool. Give her everything you have, too. Neopia died in my heart shortly after I got to China. I think I hung out there because she did. But I like Kingdom of Loathing better. It’s my bestest liked. For sure.

But we can’t leave out other games. I grew up on Euchre, Cribbage, and Cowboys and Indians. I popped my electronic cherry with Pac-Man, Circus Atari, and Asteroids. I actually beat ET. And the Raiders of the Lost Arc game. I was all about it.

Snakes and Ladders. Or Chutes and Ladders. Same thing. Candy Land and Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The Cube.

I like games.


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