Children of Men

I’m a sucker for dystopian fiction of any kind, but science fiction is the perfect vehicle for dystopia because it can be more easily used as a vehicle for contemporary social commentary by choosing something that seems problematic and blowing it hugely out of proportion. Or, I like dystopian science fiction, because it’s an easy sell. That means there should be more stories set in that kind of world. And more movies. Akira was a good movie.

Children of Men was a pretty decent movie. I liked it’s look, and the very last song on the credits, the one by Jarvis Cocker, was a really good song. I downloaded it. I’m not telling where.


I had read about the movie quite a while ago, but kind of blew over it because the review seemed really stale. It didn’t interest me. When I saw it in the DVD store, I bought it. Tonight I watched it. Julianne Moore, Michael Caine, Clive Owen and a bunch of other people were in it. Most of the other people you wouldn’t know. Probably. But you should know the three I mentioned.

Unless you’re bad with names.

Michael Caine, or “Sir” Michael Caine to his friends, was in some other movies. You know him as Batman’s butler, or the guy who read to Spiderman when he was a kid in an apple orchard. But he was in Sleuth (twice!) and Alfie (the first one) and they were good movies, too. In this movie, he plays an old pothead. He does a pretty good job of it. I enjoyed his performance.

Julianne Moore, that chick from Hannibal, the Silence of the Lambs movie that was after Silence of the Lambs and didn’t have Jodie Foster in it. She’s in it. She has a pretty cool role, kinda all eco-terroristy. That’s not a word. Neither is socio-terroristy, but she could have been that too.

Clive Owen, who was in that really fun movie Shoot ‘Em Up is in it, too. He was Sir Walter Raleigh in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. I watched that movie last night. So I’ve seen a Clive Owen movie two nights in a row. Maybe I’ll watch Sin City tomorrow. Either way, he’s the main character in this little film. He does a pretty damn good job. I like him. As an actor. I don’t actually know him.

The fella that wrote this movie – and directed it – is the guy that directed the third Harry Potter movie. The one that suddenly got dark. Was Richard Harris in that one? Or did he only make two? Anyway, dark Harry Potter… dystopian science fiction movie about a complete absence of children… not sure where I’m going with this. He also did Y tu mamá también. He got a lot of critical acclaim for that one. That’s when I first heard of him, anyway.

So, Clive Owen lives in Britain, in the future. In the shitty future. The movie opens with the youngest person on the planet – 18 years and change – getting offed by a disgruntled fan a la John Lennon. A John Lennon song opens the ending credits. Is that a coincidence? It also gives us a bit of news about how the entire world is in chaos. Except Britian, because martial law is in order. But it’s not. It’s pretty hellish, too.

Refugee’s are flooding into England. A ton of them. The government it trying to keep them out. So are the people. Naturally, Clive Owen gets hooked up with them.

Clive Owen meets Julianne Moore. After he gets kidnapped. Julianne Moore introduces him to a girl. The girl is pregnant. No child has been born in nearly 19 years. This girl is pregnant. She’s a fugee. Not a Fugee, a fugee. Cue outro for plot synopsis.

Overall, the story is well enough told that you get it without being too in your face about it. There is the standard message of hope involved, but it isn’t a feel good film. For me, the most striking thing about it was the look. The cinematography was to my style of liking and fit the feel of the story, while the color palette – white and black, grey and sepia – fit the feel of the world. There was action. A lot of it. And at the end of the movie I was satisfied I had watched it. Someday I might watch it again.

I wish my ankle didn’t hurt.

I sprained it yesterday.


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