Beijing 2005, Part 2

{REPOST : 2005, content edited}

“So, how long have you two known each other?”  He asked it innocently and being woken up at two in the morning combined with being high caused me to miss the direction he was going with the question.

“Since Christmas Eve.”  This was true.  Olya and I met at the KISS club when my crew (Richard, Lilly, Jyl, Superman, Vanessa and me) ran into her crew (Vitaly, Vera, Ira, Big D, Stone and her).  We actually didn’t start hanging out regularly until New Year’s holiday, but that wasn’t the question.

“And how long have you been together?”

“We’re not together.”  About four and three quarters of a nanosecond after I said it I realized my mistake.  This guy wanted to try and get with her. Since it annoys the hell out of her when that happens (it happens quite frequently in Taiyuan) we had agreed to just tell all the horndogs that we were married.

I had intended on leaving around that time…I was getting the urge to go upstairs and write, and the music was beginning to get on my nerves more than the cackling girls at the table in front of us.  Instead, I sucked it up and fixed my mistake by keeping his attention with converational drivel until Olya got tired of dancing and said she wanted to leave.

He tried to get a piece of floor off of us to sleep on, but I really wasn’t having that.  He took it in stride and even said “I wouldn’t let some strange drug dealer sleep in my room either,” which I really appreciate.  We went upstairs for a bit and I dozed and wrote while Olya waited for Vera.

About four-thirty Vera got in and we went to the Kai Club for a couple of beers.  We got back and headed to the room until it was check in time then they went downstairs to take care of Vera’s accomodations.

It’s at this point I realized that travelling with Olya (or anyone for that matter) is a good thing.  Vera didn’t want to share a bunk with a stranger either (yeah, we’re all snobs to some degree) so she had to pay for a whole room.  I was only paying for half a room…twenty more kwai than a bunk is worth it for the privacy!  She was out 110 kwai extra.  That’s what she gets for showing up the next day, eh?  If she would have left when the two of us did I would have ended up being the odd man out since both of them are grrls and all that.  It’s times like this I feel blessed to be one of those guys that can be really good friends with a girl and not constantly think about what’s under her smalls.

I went back to bed until just before noon, then woke up and called Mike.  I was expecting them to already be in, but they had only gotten on the bus an hour or two beforehand.  That was annoying, but what can you do?  We weren’t going to wait for them, so we went to Subway (that’s a recurring theme to my Beijing trip, you’ll come to learn) and then headed to the Summer Palace for the afternoon.

I spent the time harrassing Vera nonstop.  She’s one of those girls that begs for it…if you know me you know the kind of person I’m talking about.  At one point Olya was laughing so much she was crying and I know I should feel bad about going that hard on someone, but I don’t.

About six I called Mike and he told me that they were in Mark’s father’s car on their way to the hostel.  (That may be the first time I used a possessive noun with another possessive noun…or maybe teaching English just made me notice it) We headed out to meet them and took a taxi back because busses, while cheaper, take three times as long to get anywhere. When we got to the hostel we found that Mike and Jed were in the adjoining room (Mark was staying at home), which was serendipitous.

We relaxed for a bit before we headed out to dinner.  We went to a nice Mexican restaraunt that I don’t know the name of and ate some of the best food I’ve had since I’ve been in China, then took off to the bars for the night. The first place we hit up was a little spot across the street from the Worker’s Stadium.  They sold shots and shooters for 12 per 100 kwai and we indulged.

Richard, Eugene, Kevin and Vivian were already there so there wasn’t any of the typical waiting for everyone to arrive and get organized crap that usually comes with that kind of thing.  They had waited a little under five minutes for us, so we weren’t at fault either.  Don’t you love it when things go well!

After about fifty or so shots between us we moved on to the Bus Bar where we did another two rounds of shots that Eugene mixed for us. They were yummy…Eugene is one hell of a bartender.

We took off from there and headed to Poacher’s again to finish out the night. When we got there it was slow and after just a little bit Mike, Olya and I decided to turn in.  I don’t know what happened to the rest of them, I never bothered to ask.  The rest of the trip was pretty chill.

Mark, Jed, Mike and I went to the Lake District during the afternoon, which was relaxing.  I can imagine that area is slammin’ at night, but it was nice and tranquil during the day.  We hit up the Bookworm, which was close to the hostel for a nice evening of conversation and cheese cake.   It was good and I plan on going back.

That’s it for the Beijing trip.  I’ll be back to posting my mindless daily babble soon.

Probably tomorrow or the next day.


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