A Coming Home Homecoming

{REPOST : 2006}

nter.  Yes, for sure this time.  While the ticket hasn’t been purchased, it has been priced and will be ordered as soon as I discuss the earliest I can leave with my English department.  Tentatively, I’ll be arriving between the 17th and 19th of January and I’ll take back off just before Valentine’s Day, but if I can make it longer I will.  I’m shooting for getting out of here by the tenth, but I’m doubting that will happen.  We’ll see.

The direct point of letting that piece of information drop is that I want to see some people…most of you on my list.  To the others I have just this to say: “I am not planning on travelling beyond Ohio’s borders unless it’s for a <b>damn</b> good reason.  Money is a damn good reason, sex with a fat young boy parading as an eighteen year old stripper in East Shit Hole, Montana or helping you begin a revolution in the Congo are <b>not</b> good reasons.  Maybe the revolution, but I would have to think about it and it would need to be a quick revolution.”

Indirectly, this is a plea.  I want to catch at least a couple of shows while I’m in the States.  I’ll see what’s happening at the Spider and Annabelles, but if anyone has some inside information on a sweet show I would like to hear about it.  Also, if Don Austin or Dropgun (or both!) are playing a show during that time then let me know.

I’m not dead, I’m not planning on dying and I haven’t forgotten any of you.


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